We are the ONLY company in
the UK that allows you to
ROLLOVER any unused calls and all call transfers are included in your monthly call package.

As we provide tailor-made solutions for every business,
we need to understand a little more about your needs.

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Here are some of the results that a few of our clients have achieved using Verbatim:

Julie Randle from Smile Style Dental Care Centre saw the business
grow by 20% in the first year

“We have been a Verbatim client since 2010 and always receive a fantastic service that’s resulted in a 20% increase in our business”

Judith D’Ambrosio from the Scottish Shutter Company has improved
their productivity immeasurably.

“We have been using Verbatim since 2014 and the difference in our productivity has been amazing. Our calls are answered professionally and the messages relayed to us immediately in line with the instructions we set up. By not having to answer our own calls, we can really focus on our business — and of course, return client calls at a time that’s convenient for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Verbatim — and have done!”

Lisa Chaffey from In a Pickle won a £7K contract within
the first month of using Verbatim

“I won a £7k contract within the first month of using Verbatim. I was out of the office and Verbatim answered the inquiry and emailed me the message. I called
the prospect straight back and won the business. So I’m thrilled. Would this potential client have left a voicemail on my office phone?”

Mark Huggins from Corporate Drama has been able to develop and grow
his business due to the time Verbatim has allowed him

“Verbatim has taken my worries away, allowed my business to develop and grow, and me to get more organised. ‘Ours is very much a human-to-human service, and Verbatim has helped me position my company to be much more professional, organised and customer-friendly.’ Tim Sherston from Jackson – Stops from estate agency knows that not a single call is lost to the competition. They see Verbatim as their ‘silent partners’ delivering complete peace of mind that not a single call is lost to the competition. A missed call could equal the loss of a property sale”

How Verbatim compares to other call answering services

Features Verbatim Other Call Answeing Services
Putting calls through to you Included in monthly fee 7-26p per minute to landlines and
15-75p per minute to mobiles
Policy for unused calls Rollover to next month,
as standard
“Use it or lose it”
Sending texts on your behalf Included in monthly fee 5p – 12p per text
Voicemail-to-email message transfer outside of working hours Included in monthly fee £10 per month
Status update system Included in monthly fee Not available
Log orders and payments into your own Ecommerce systems Included in monthly fee Not available
Enter new enquiries into your CRM program Included in monthly fee Not available
Latest advanced compliant call recording when taking credit card payments. Included in monthly fee Not available

Whether you are a one-man-band or a huge multinational enterprise we offer bespoke fixed fee monthly call plans so you know exactly what you are paying every month – no hidden surprises.

Verbatim Pricing Structure - Rollover your unused calls

Rollover your unused

Because we know no two months are the same we let you roll over any unused calls so you NEVER pay for something you haven’t used.
Adapt your monthly call answering plan as often

Verbatim Pricing Structure - adaptable plans

Adapt your monthly plan as often as you need

We’ll continually review your call plan and will always let you know if we recommend a change.

Verbatim Pricing Structure - dedicate manager

A dedicated account manager just for you

We give you one dedicated account manager to offer you the continuity we know you need.

Verbatim Pricing Structure - flexibility

Offer you more as you grow

So you never have the headache of having to switch providers. We can:

  • Take orders
  • Qualify leads
  • Manage your diary
  • Take appointments
  • Offer you a 24/7 service amongst other things
All can be entered directly into your systems so there is no extra work for you.

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