Emergency Call Out

Making sure you’re there for your customers when it matters most
  • Activate an automatic process of contacting your staff
  • Continued calling until a team member is located to do the job
  • Job done, happy customers, peace of mind for you
  • End-to-end service, totally hands-free on your part.

When you’re in the service business – let’s say you run a plumbing firm – you need
to be able to respond to your customer’s every beck and call.

What do you currently do to get an expert pair of hands on site when your customers need urgent help?

Does it involve calling around your staff, leaving voicemails, keeping an eye on texts and
generally going a little haywire in your effort to get someone on the job, fast?

It’s why our Emergency Call Out service comes as such a breath of fresh air to the
businesses who invest in it.

Using our technology, your Verbatim PA will activate an automatic process of contacting your staff
in your preferred order until an available team member is located and referred to the job at hand.

End-to-end management of your Emergency Call Out system, completely hands-free on your part.

If you want to get your on-call team working like clockwork with
Emergency Call Out from Verbatim, Get In Touch now >

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