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From a team of friendly and professional, UK based virtual receptionists

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What makes Verbatim different?

Roll over your call answering plan


We are the only company that allows
rollover of unused calls and
ALL transfers are included.

No scripts with Verbatim

No Scripts

Every conversation as if
we are in your office

Verbatim tailors your call answering requirements

Tailored to you

More than call answering.
We can do everything from taking
orders to managing your diary

Verbatim are proud to be British

South England based

Proud to be British

Use the industry experts, Verbatim Call Answering

Industry experts

We know how to talk your industry talk

FREE 6 week trial with Verbatim

30 day trial

Plenty of time to get to know if
we are right for you.
Try us risk free

What challenge can we help you solve today?

Let Verbatim handle your call answering requirements

Too tied up to answer the phone?

Determined to go above and beyond for your customers, but struggling to take all their calls and run your business?

Verbatim will answer your calls 24/7, call answering service

Competitors getting the upper hand?

Worried about losing out to your competition every time you miss a call?

Verbatim will filter your calls, call answering service

Sick of endless sales calls?

At your wits’ end with the deluge of unwanted sales calls that take up so much time and make you shudder every time the phone rings?

Verbatim is at your disposal, call answering service

Looking for a smarter way?

Searching for an alternative to hiring a receptionist (too expensive) or installing an automated phone system (too impersonal)?

Verbatim will cover you, call answering service

Dreading the day staff call in sick?

What happens when the person who answers your phone gets ill or goes on holiday?

99% of people who try us stay with us.

100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.
What are you waiting for? Call now on 01635 576070 or fill in the form and Olivia will call you back.

We promise we will never share your information with third parties – see privacy policy.

Who we work with

Call Answering Services, Our Clients include
Call Answering Services, Our Clients include
Call Answering Services, Our Clients include
Call Answering Services, Our Clients include

Here are some of the results that a few of our clients have achieved using Verbatim:

Here’s how our Virtual Receptionists fit into your everyday

Verbatim will handle your day to day calls

Your phone rings

You leave it to us and carry on with your day.

We know your VIPs, call answering

If it’s a VIP Caller

Your Verbatim PA will recognise them and speak to them accordingly.

We welcome your new callers, call answering services

If it’s a new caller

Your Verbatim PA uses your prefered greeting to welcome the caller and quickly works out how they can help.

We offer so much more, call answering services

Action Time

  • Checking your diary
  • Booking appointments
  • Taking a message
  • Qualifying leads
  • Processing an order
  • Connecting calls to you
Verbatim will leave your customers smiling

Happy Customers

Every conversation ends with a happy caller and not a moment stolen from your day.

A few FAQ’s

  • Will using Verbatim confuse my clients?

    Not at all. Our team of PAs is small enough (and we go to great measures) to ensure we know your business inside out before we get started. It means most of your callers won’t have so much as an inkling that anything’s changed, not least that you’ve outsourced your phones.

  • My industry uses specific language and buzzwords. Will you really sound like one of us?

    Absolutely. Besides getting to understand exactly what you do and who you work with, as part of the setup process you’ll be encouraged to send us a glossary of industry-specific terms we should know before we start answering your calls.

  • How will you fit into our business?

    First of all, you choose which calls you’d like us to answer.

    You can leave all your calls to us, or only have us step in when you’re unavailable to take it yourself. You may be on another call, in a meeting, or just out for a spot of lunch.

    Just let us know which calls you’d like diverted to us and over what hours and we’ll get to work supporting you straight away.


  • What are your operating hours?

    We take your calls from 8am-6.30pm Monday-Friday and 9am-2pm on Saturday.

    Outside these hours we offer a free unlimited voicemail to email service.

    We also offer a 24×7 service which operates 365 days a year including Christmas and all UK bank holidays.

  • How does the tech side of things work? Will it take ages to set up?

    It’s a very simple process at your end and there is no extra technology. All you need to do is to contact your telephone provider to arrange a call diversion facility on your account. Or if you prefer we can call them on your behalf.

    Set up is simple and we have most accounts up and running within 24 hours. In fact, very often in less time than that.

  • Is Verbatim based in the UK?

    Yes. You’ll find us in West Berkshire on the outskirts of Newbury. Feel free to drop by for a visit.


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