Success built on excellence

It’s our core values and staff loyalty that set us apart

All telephone answering service providers are not created equal.

Yes, they can all offer you a mix of similar solutions, but what sets Verbatim apart is our unwavering commitment to being the best at what we do.

We operate with complete transparency, we pay significantly more than our competitors, and we’re justly proud of our exceptional staff retention record in a sector where churn is notoriously high.

Most of our staff stay with us nine years or more — most call centre employees last just nine months!

And this is because although we’ve grown since founder and director Graham Hill launched the company in 1997, our core values remain the same: Verbatim is run as an inclusive, highly ethical family-owned business.

Meet our team!

We understood back then that the most advanced telephony technology in the world was worth nothing without exceptional customer service, and that’s now truly woven into our professional DNA.

Almost all of us — including founder Graham Hill — started out at Verbatim answering the phone for our clients, so we all understand precisely what’s involved in offering the very best when we’re on the customer services frontline.

Our staff tell us that Verbatim is a fun place to work, that we’re flexible, we’re understanding, always willing to adapt, like a family, and — perhaps most important of all! — that our company-wide sense of humour helps strengthen the bond between us all.

What does all this mean for you?

An experienced, committed, reliable team ready and able to serve, represent your business, build trust with your customers, pay attention to detail, and reflect your values.

Right from Day 1.

Our Success depends on your success — call us now to find out more about what makes Verbatim stand out from the crowd…

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