You ask, we answer!

Here are just some of the more common questions we get asked — if yours isn’t here, just call us on 01635 576070 and we’ll be happy to help

Q. Why should I use a telephone answering service?

On average, you’re missing 15% of your incoming calls. Of those, 80% won’t call again if they get the engaged tone, and 70% won’t leave voicemail — or call again.

And the thing we all hate most — after traffic wardens and junk mail — is voicemail!

But work with a telephone answering service, and you can be sure you will never miss a sales enquiry or miss out on an important client call again.

(Those are BT’s statistics, by the way.)

Q. How does your call answering service work?

First of all, you choose which calls you’d like us to answer.

You can leave all your calls to us, or have us step in when you’re on another call, or in a meeting, or you’ve just popped out for lunch — it’s entirely up to you.

All you have to do is divert calls made to your existing telephone number to us and we answer them for you.  


Q. How do you know what to say to our callers?

‘Good morning’, ‘Howdy’, or anything in between — how we answer your calls is also up to you.

Our people are the life of our business, and we treat and pay them accordingly. As a result, our staff turnover is tiny and that means our receptionists have all the skills and experience you’re looking for when you’re not answering your phone yourself.

And, as many of our clients have told us, with our team you can hear the smiles’.

Q. Where is Verbatim based?

We’re in the English Home Counties, near Newbury, Berkshire. Our offices are on Greenham Business Park, which used to be an airbase.

Q. What are your office hours and and what happens out of hours?

We can offer a live 24/7 telephone answering service if you need round-the-clock cover.

If, on the other hand, you just need an office hours service, we can answer from 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 2pm Saturday (excluding bank holidays). Out of hours, we include as standard a personalised voicemail to email facility, so all messages are automatically emailed to you as a sound file.

Q. How do I divert my calls to Verbatim?

We can either give you a new phone number to publish on your website and across other marketing materials, or you can divert your existing number to a unique DDI number that we provide. That way, when a call comes through, we instantly know that it’s for you.

Q. What happens if two callers phone for me at the same time? Does the second one get an engaged tone?

Absolutely no way! We’ll answer multiple calls simultaneously on your behalf.

Q. Can I choose when you answer my calls?

Yes. On any particular day, you might choose to divert only calls that come through when you’re already on a call, or those that go unanswered, or all your calls — the choice is yours!

Q. How do Verbatim know how to answer my calls?

When a call comes through, all the instructions for how you’d like your calls handled will appear on the receptionist’s screen. It’s very flexible and everything is set up before you go live

Q. Won’t people who call me frequently get frustrated with having to continually provide their name and telephone number?

Not if you choose Verbatim!

We will make sure we know all your key contacts and VIPs before we start to answer your calls. All you have to do is add their names to your VIP lists — you can even give us specific and detailed instructions for handling calls from your VIPs.

Q. Do you keep a record of past callers?

Yes — all your calls are logged. We can email the details to you or you can also view them online via our 24/7 app, which is included in your package.

Q. How do I update Verbatim with my current status or whereabouts?

You can just call in and update us, email us, or go online and log in to use our special app which will instantly let us know where you, 24/7.

Q. If you transfer a call through to me, how much does it cost?

Nothing — it’s all included in your call plan. Plus we always announce who we are and who’s calling you, so you can choose to take the call or not.

Q. Does it cost extra if you transfer a call through to my mobile?

Nope – still all included! Which can save you thousands of pounds a year!

Q. How do you work out my monthly bill?

You will have a fixed all-inclusive tariff, which we agree in advance to include the call allowance that’s best for your business. That way, there are no hidden costs or unexpected charges which helps you manage your outgoings!

Q. So that means I might have to pay for a call allowance I don’t use up?

No. Any unused calls roll over to the next month. And if your usage continues well below the calls initially allocated to you in your plan, we will suggest you move to a different plan.

Q. How long do I have to sign up for?

We have a choice of contract lengths, from one month to 12 months-plus.

Q. Why should I choose Verbatim over any other provider?

Here are just some of the reasons why our clients have chosen Verbatim over anyone else…

  • We offer a personalised and tailored telephone answering service with lots of flexibility
  • We don’t sound like a call centre, so people can’t tell you’ve outsourced your calls
  • Our receptionists are all proactive, friendly, professional and experienced in customer service
  • We work without scripts — our receptionists actually have a real conversation with your callers rather than repeating things parrot-fashion!
  • We are proud of our staff, and actively encourage visitors to meet the team and listen to calls live in action
  • We have a dedicated account manager to help you from the very beginning
  • We really do value our clients
  • We believe in creating solutions, not problems
  • We treat our staff well, and this shines through in our service. Happy staff = delighted callers and even happier clients.
  • We strive to become a part of your business by reflecting your values, your ethos, and your brand image.