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What our clients say

When you’re choosing a company to work with, you want to know what their existing clients have to say. We know how it goes — we’re just the same!

So it’s with real pride that we can say we’re always ready to share the feedback we get. We can say that with absolute confidence because the investment we make in our people is consistently reflected in the high praise everyone at Verbatim gets for the quality of service we deliver.

Here’s just a sample — if you would like to find out how we’ve worked with other businesses in your sector, just give us a call.

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  • Tony Baxter, Sincura Group

  • Peter Cooke, Dudleigh Films

  • Daphne Rowan, Weight Medics

  • Nigel Morgan, Morgan PR

  • Richard Maybury, Priority Management

  • Peter Barnard, Kennet Blinds

  • Nicky Hillier, Coaching

  • Richard White, Incentive Smart

  • Jen Norton, Incentive Smart

Judith d'Ambrosio of the Scottish Shutter Company

We can focus on our business — the difference in our productivity is amazing!

We have been using Verbatim since 2014 and the difference in our productivity has been amazing. Our calls are answered professionally and the messages relayed to us immediately in line with the instructions we set up. By not having to answer our own calls, we can really focus on our business — and of course return client calls at a time that’s convenient for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Verbatim — and have done!

Judith D’Ambrosio - Scottish Shutter Company The Scottish Shutter Company January 22, 2016

Photo of Rowena Clifton

It really does feel like they are part of our team — they’re cheery, professional and efficient

We have been most impressed with the quality of the service — they are very cheery, friendly, professional and efficient. It really does feel like they are part of our team, with a better grasp of where our staff are, their availability and key clients than our own in-house receptionists had!

Rowena Clifton - The VAT Consultancy January 22, 2016

Photo of Zoe Trodd of Kip Mcgrath in Sevenoaks

I bet those callers wouldn’t have left a message or phoned me again!

It’s amazing — I bet those callers wouldn’t have left a message or phoned me again if Verbatim hadn’t answered for me! Very, very pleased so far. My only problem is resisting phoning them all back now instead of when I’m back from holiday!

Zoe Trodd - Sevenoaks Tutoring January 22, 2016

Simon Jones of Bonjour London

I leave them to do what they’re good at while I focus on what I’m good at

Letting Verbatim take care of all my inbound calls means I can leave them to do what they’re good at while I can focus on what I’m good at. Any business trying to save money by not using a service like Verbatim’s is missing the point. I have no hesitation in recommending Verbatim’s service — they are professional, responsive, and tailored their services to exactly what I need.

Simon Jones - Bonjour London Ltd January 25, 2016

Photo of Barrie Smale

We started using Verbatim in May 2014 and haven’t looked back

Knowing that our calls will always get answered when we are away from the office or on another line gives us peace of mind, and I know that any new callers will always get a great first impression. We have asked some of our clients for feedback and they have been impressed, so it’s a win-win for us.

Barrie & Clare Smale, Inspired 2 Learn January 25, 2016

They’ll save you money, make you money, and make you more efficient

Verbatim offer a first-class service and I would highly recommend them. They’ll save you money in lost opportunity, make you money, and make you and your team more effective and efficient. We’ve been using Verbatim since 2013 and it’s not just the answering service that is excellent, it’s also the technical and support systems they have put in place.

Chris Williams - B60 - Former Mastermind Member January 25, 2016

Thank you … for handling our calls so professionally

Thank you for handling our calls so professionally since 1998. Although you are all at a distance and out of sight, we are fully aware of how well you support us — you are certainly not out of mind!

Paul Buckett, Volkswagen Group UK Limited January 25, 2016

Extremely effective telephone answering service

Verbatim have provided us with an extremely effective telephone answering service since 2011, and we have peace of mind that all our calls are answered in a professional and friendly manner. They took time to understand the diversity and specific needs of our organisation and this is reflected in the high quality of their service. I would have no hesitation in recommending Verbatim.

M. Newman, HelpAge International January 25, 2016

Lisa Chaffey

I won a £7k contract within the first month of using Verbatim

I won a £7k contract within the first month of using Verbatim. I was out of the office and Verbatim answered the inquiry and emailed me the message. I called the prospect straight back and won the business. So I’m thrilled. Would this potential client would have left voicemail on my office phone?

Lisa Chaffey, In a Pickle January 25, 2016

Nigel Morgan

A truly invaluable aspect of using Verbatim has been in terms of time management

Impressed by their professionalism and fully aware we were most responding to messages or wondering about missed calls, we signed up and soon after I was contacted by a company looking for PR support. They had turned to Google to find local public relations services, and Morgan PR was among the top three. The company called all three, but Morgan PR (or, rather, Verbatim!) was the only one to answer. That one call led to initial business worth £2,000 plus a much higher lifetime value. Without Verbatim that business would have been unwittingly lost.

Nigel Morgan, Morgan PR January 25, 2016

Phil Cheesman

Flexible service and the ability to deal with a variety of calls

We chose Verbatim because they are used to dealing with a diverse variety of calls on a daily basis, and are very good at thinking on their feet. Their service is very flexible, giving us great confidence that all calls are dealt with efficiently, effectively and appropriately. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Verbatim.

Philip Franklin, Fostering and Adoption, Thurrock Council January 25, 2016

We never want to miss a call. Our customers are too valuable

We have been using Verbatim since 1999 when we launched the company as even though we are fully staffed, we never want to miss a call. Our customers are too valuable.

Janey Cecil, Inside Knowledge January 25, 2016

Within a week, I won a contract worth £10,000!

I’ve been using Verbatim since 2001 and have been very satisfied with the results and the quality of the service. When they suggested I extend the hours to include Saturdays, I was a little skeptical but in the event I’m delighted I took their advice — within a week, I won a contract worth £10,000 and this alone has paid for the service many times over.

Glen Drew, Touchwood Flooring Services January 25, 2016

Julie Randle

A fantastic service that’s led to a 20% increase in our business

We have been a Verbatim client since 2010 and always receive a fantastic service that’s resulted in a 20% increase in our business.

Julie Randle - Smile Style Dental Care Centre January 25, 2016

It’s surprising how many calls we’d miss without Verbatim

When I relied on my answer phone, I’d all too often return to the office to see that while I’d missed 10 calls, I only had three messages. Then I tried diverting calls to my mobile but I’d invariably either be driving or with a client — which was why I’d left the office in the first place. Thanks to Verbatim, now I come back 10 detailed messages instead 10 missed calls. As the business has grown we’ve taken on a full-time receptionist but we still rely on Verbatim — it’s surprising how many calls we would miss while we’re on the phone.

Mike Betteridge - Belvoir Lettings, Poole and Westbourne January 25, 2016

Kester Harvey

Verbatim’s service proved invaluable when we couldn’t get to work due to bad weather

When few of our staff could get to work due to bad weather, Verbatim’s service proved invaluable — first in taking calls and then in passing them on to our team working from home. Each morning, Verbatim organised our remote office operation, and our staff were then able to return incoming calls efficiently, allowing us to maintain a good service level for our clients.

Kester Harvey - The Rooflight Company January 25, 2016

Gary Perkins

This service has been of tremendous benefit to us

Particularly when we experienced a lightning strike in 2009 and all our calls were quickly diverted to Verbatim while we sourced and installed a new system. In the severe winter of 2010-20111, the service again proved enormously beneficial when even getting into the office took longer than normal. The Verbatim team helped ensure we were able to give our customers the impression we were operating almost as normal, so boosting confidence in our service.

Gary Perkins, Marketing Answers and Solutions January 25, 2016

Knight Frank

Verbatim has been very much part of our team since 2000

Verbatim have allowed us to get on with the job in hand in the full knowledge that when we’re too busy our calls and clients are being looked after in a very professional manner. Verbatim has been very much part of our team since 2000, providing a reliable, polite, accurate and cheerful service.

Anthony Clay - Knight Frank, Hereford January 25, 2016

I cannot praise Verbatim highly enough and would recommend them to anybody

Before we closed our laser business line to focus elsewhere, Verbatim had been supporting us for five years. When we’d started out two years before that, we were struggling to deal with inquiries and bookings which led to frustration for patients and us. Verbatim was able to offer a tailor-made solution and it is no exaggeration to say it was a life-changing moment as all our new clients were able to book appointments straight away. This was of enormous benefit to the business as well as taking huge pressure off me. I cannot praise Verbatim highly enough and would recommend them to anybody. The cost is surprisingly good too!

Graham Mickley, Misterton Group Practice August 8, 2016