To all business owners and staff affected by the riots in London and other UK cities

We wish all of you and your staff and loved ones well in these difficult times. I have been awake all night worrying about my sons and daughter who live in south London. They tell me some of the steets are like war zones. I was really pleased to hear that the spirit of Londoners is still stong and that people are gathering together for the clean up.

Keeping your business open

My firm Verbatim is supporting Workspace Plc and Homefinders of Hackney with a call answering and overflow telephone answering service.  They can send staff home early knowing that their business can remain “open” because their calls are routed to my dedicated team of telephone receptionists in Newbury.

Let me know if you or any of your friends need support to keep their business going.

Verbatim the telephone answering service will be delighted to support them during this period just to keep them up and running until sanity on the streets return!

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