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Verbatim is proud to support the Community Christmas campaign, which promotes companionship to older people on Christmas Day. Founder of the charity, Caroline Billington took some time out to explain why outsourcing call answering is essential for the organisation and how Verbatim help.

What is the Community Christmas campaign and why is it important?

We believe that no older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be, and we want to encourage communities to make that first point of contact and create lasting relationships.

How has Verbatim’s 8 years of support made a difference?

I could never have started Community Christmas without Verbatim. I was still working full-time when I started the initiative, so it was critical that my phones were being answered so that I could do my day job and respond to enquiries in my own time. Since 2011, the charity has continued to grow and knowing that the Verbatim team support this growth is essential.

What are the benefits of having your phones answered during the festive period?

In some ways it’s outside of the festive period that there is the additional benefit, when the team is just me. Knowing that that there is a team taking care of our calls allows me to focus on other tasks and means I don’t get distracted. Messages are also taken automatically outside of working hours, allowing us to respond to calls even when everyone has gone home on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Verbatim’s professionalism and expertise in customer service relieves the pressure and reassures me that I can leave them to deal with my phones.

How has the Verbatim team helped to build and maintain your working relationships?

Verbatim are more than just a telephone answering service, they take the time to understand the nature of your business and they get to know your customers, which is key when building strong relationships. Messages are taken effectively and efficiently which is invaluable because it means we have all the information we need when returning calls. Our callers appreciate the quality of service and it really does feel like Verbatim are part of our team.

What would you say to a business who are considering outsourcing their call answering?

For me, outsourcing phone answering is about flexibility and having control of what we do and when. On occasions where I’m needed for a meeting or when colleagues are off on holiday, Verbatim’s highly trained receptionists are always there so I don’t have to worry about missing important calls. The cover is tailor made to suit our requirements which works really well, Verbatim’s support doesn’t only benefit the charity and our beneficiaries but it enables me to live the rest of my life to the full.

If you don’t have the resources to answer your phones, don’t worry! We get to know your business and become an extension of your team. Contact us to see how we can work together.

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