How To Get Rid of Those Unwanted Sales Calls

…allowing you to get on with running your business

Tip 1.

How to get rid of unsolicited sales calls – in a few seconds!

Register for free at the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) by using this link and simply click on register, you can add any business or home phone number, so why not take the opportunity of stopping those unwanted calls at home at the same time! Our company has been using the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)for about three years and in our experience we have found that this has saved us both time and money as our staff no longer have to waste their valuable time answering so many unwanted, often intrusive, sales calls.

The TPS service is a central opt out register designed to stop unwanted sales calls and once registered it becomes an offence to make unsolicited sales calls to your number(s). Registration is simple and takes seconds and is completely free of charge, it usually becomes effective within 28 days.

Since this service is governed by legislation (the Privacy and Electronic (ED Directive) Regulation 2003), callers using numbers registered with the TPS can be fined up to £50,000 for cold calling. Also for those companies that buy lists and don’t amend their databases to void TPS registered numbers, if you mention that you are registered with the TPS they will very quickly remove you from their calling lists!

Tip 2.

When registering at the TPS remember it’s not only your business that can benefit you can also add your

  • mobile number
  • any direct dial numbers
  • home number

Tip 3.

If your business uses a fax machine and you find that your paper and toner ink is constantly being used up by random marketing information that companies continually send through? If this is the case there is a solution as the FPS online registration service offers you the same protection as the TPS Service, so why not register using this link at the same time as registering your business and home phones.

Tip 4.

Ask Verbatim -The phone answering service to be your virtual receptionist. Our virtual reception package provides a fully outsourced phone answering service that can provide your business with many benefits including call screening; our receptionists are pretty good at sniffing out sales calls and filtering them to avoid wasting your staffs’ valuable time.

Tip 5.

Remember to brief us about any special deals you might have done because….

a client of ours had negotiated a “deal” with a national newspaper group for 12 months of advertising without changing his standing instructions, which were…

“Under no circumstances are you to take messages for advertising – tell them to go away (politely)”.

You have guessed it!

A call came in from the newspaper ad sales department for the client, at which point our receptionist (politely!) told them to go away.

As a result the £50,000 DISCOUNT was lost.

Tip 6.

Register with TPS and listen to what Roger Hick, of RHD Office Limited, has to say on the subject:

“It has been said that people would not want to pay for the privilege of answering incoming sales calls. Quite the contrary, for a nominal amount it costs me I prefer not to take the call and have to explain yet again that I don’t need to save 15p a month on one of our utilities bills. I would recommend your service without hesitation.”

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