Cupcake Day

Diets were on pause this week at Verbatim while we held a Cupcake Day to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. Our lovely receptionist Angela, who has been with us for 14 years, organised the event; much to everyone’s pleasure, because who doesn’t enjoy cupcakes after all? She had many of us busy in the kitchen, and perhaps a cheeky few in the store. We certainly had a wonderful array of gorgeous goodies turn up.


No-one was going hungry today!

Knocking on office doors with a tray full of temptation gave me a great excuse to finally meet some of the tenants of our building. It is amazing how many I swear I have never seen before. It is a small example of how good causes can bring people together.


Our small but mighty team raised £50 for the Alzheimer’s Society. I think we can be proud of our efforts, when just £40 is enough to pay for a person living with dementia to attend a Dementia Café support group for two months. You can find out more about Cupcake Day, or donate to the cause at:


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