20 years celebration of helping businesses grow

Verbatim celebrates 20 years of helping businesses grow

Verbatim founder Graham Hill’s lightbulb moment came in 1997 when running a directory distribution business. A previously hard to reach client revealed that they had outsourced their calls to a reception service. This sparked an idea that evolved into Verbatim, a superior telephone answering service, set apart by its unrivalled levels of customer service.


Graphic to show how to choose the right call answering service

Choosing the right call answering service

There are so many call answering options available that deciding on the appropriate service can be a daunting task. In this blog, we’ll attempt to make your life that little bit easier by discussing each of the services and solutions offered by Verbatim.


Graphic showing how to give business a professional image

Giving your small business a more professional image

The Information Age has flipped the world of small business on its head. If someone wants to find a local plumber or a decent dry cleaner, they no longer ask their neighbours or flick through the Yellow Pages – they simply punch what they are looking for into Google. This instant access to information has forced small business owners to up their game.Appearance is everything. You might be able to walk the walk, but in this new world, you need to be able to talk the talk.Here are a few of our top tips to help give your small business a more professional appearance...


Benefits of using Verbatim

More than just call answering: Three hidden benefits of Verbatim

What if you’re looking for something more than just a Call Answering Service? Many people aren’t aware that Verbatim provides a range of additional services. These services are designed to take those mundane tasks off your plate. Here are just three of our ‘hidden’ services.


Advertisers spend record £3bn online

Reported in the Daily Telegraph Monday October 7th 2013 by Roland Gribben and Nathalie Thomas “Advertisers spend record £3bn online in the first six months of the year trying to reach Britons that access the web via their computers, smart phones and tablets Britons now spend one in 12 of the minutes they are awake surfing […]


Customer Retention

How To Win More Customers And Retain Them For Longer Have you noticed that it’s those small details that can make the difference between winning a new customer, and losing them to the competition? And you’ll be surprised at the difference your telephone manner can make. In these tough times, lots of businesses are investing […]


Protected Time

Warning: Is Your Availability Undermining Your Business Achievements? Do you feel you have too much to do but never enough time to do it? Does your growing to-do list leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Do you get frustrated by the amount of really good ideas you never implement? If you run your own business, […]

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