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How to delight your customers with added extras

We all want to impress our customers, stand out from the competition and grow our business. However, that means going the extra mile and putting in a little effort to delight your clients. It’s all about meeting and then exceeding expectations with some little added extras. That’s what motivates people to leave you great reviews, recommend you to their friends and stay loyal to you. So, what are these added extras?


5 ways to bring back the work/life balance

Having time focused on people and activities you love outside of work will make you more productive and happier when your return to business. However, we don’t want to risk sacrificing the success of our businesses. So what’s the answer? We’re sharing 5 different ways you can bring back the work/life balance


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How to outsource with confidence

One of the problems many businesses face when it comes to outsourcing is knowing how to choose a partner they can trust and be confident in. In the initial stages, you will probably feel a little uncomfortable until you have built up a relationship. There are steps you can take to choose a partner that is reliable and can offer you a high standard of service, and here we share some of our tips to help you succeed in your search.

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Why Businesses Need A Three-legged Milking Stool

One of our investor/shareholders asked me why dairy farmers didn't use two legged milking stools. The answer was obvious - it’s unstable and you'll fall off. It’s the same in business. When I started my call answering business 21 years ago with my late co-founder, there were just the two of us and we were not very stable. Our shareholder, George, said "You need three legs in your business."


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Your #productivebusiness: How to process orders effectively

You may think you’re already being as productive as humanly possible, but there are always ways to do your different business activities more efficiently… and we thought it might be helpful to share a mini-series of posts outlining a few ways to streamline different tasks. Today, we’re talking about processing orders.


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5 things you might have been wondering about outsourcing

Making the decision to outsource different activities in your business is a big one. In fact, it’s one that most business owners put off for longer than they should, because there are so many doubts and concerns that come up.Here at Verbatim, we talk to a lot of business owners making those first steps towards outsourcing, so today I thought I’d share a handful of the biggest worries that crop up again and again (and we’d resolve them).


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Do this one thing for your business today

If there’s one thing you can do today, to make people feel that good about interacting with your business it’s this: audit your phone answering system.Your instant response to this might be “we don’t have any problems with our phone system”, but even if that’s true, there are always ways that you can improve your customer service. And when that customer service can lead to increased client satisfaction and much more repeat business, why not give it a go?

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