Here’s Why Smart Business Owners Answer Their Phone Within Three Rings

Does this sound familiar? You’re right in the thick of an important piece of work. You’re in the zone. You’re focused and you’ve got a sense that you’re on the verge of something pretty significant. And then the phone rings… It’s frustrating. To start with your concentration is broken. In addition, there’s the risk you’ll […]


Graham Hill presents at West Berks Chamber Lunch Event

Verbatim’s Graham Hill (MD) and Hayley Oughton (Business Growth Executive) had great fun on Tuesday this week at the West Berks Chamber Lunch. Graham gave a presentation on three topics close to his heart, and very relevant to many of the small businesses who attended the event. See some photos of Graham presenting below; the […]


A simple low cost high return tactic to win more clients and keep them for longer

It’s tough out there so to survive and prosper, businesses need to embrace any and every opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Every day millions of pounds are invested in websites, social media and a whole host of other marketing tactics to acquire new clients. Investing in pro-active marketing is indeed essential but without a […]


Are you a “Super Hero business owner”?

Why Your Indispensability Is Destroying Your Profit Potential   Do you have a fear of outsourcing? It’s not an odd question. You see if you want your business to be super successful, at some point you have to stop trying to do everything yourself. In the early days lots of business owners take the strain. […]


Who will answer your telephone when you go roaming this summer?

Who Will Answer Your Phone When You’re On Holiday This Year? After months of wondering if the summer is ever going to arrive, it’s now here with a vengeance! In fact, the weathermen are saying this is the longest spell of warm weather the UK has had for the last six years. It’s great news […]


Unlike the Olympics, five rings can spell disaster for your business

It was so exciting to have the Olympic torch come through Newbury, Berkshire, home town of Verbatim, The Phone Answering Service; it brings home just how amazing it is to have the global sporting event here in the UK. Here at Verbatim we are all set to support a growing number of businesses who need […]


How much would you pay for excellent customer service?

How much would you pay for excellent customer service? According to a new survey published by American Express, across the pond 7 out of 10 people are willing to spend an average of 13% more for excellent customer service. Just after I read this blog I popped into my local town, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, to shop […]


How To Get Rid of Those Unwanted Sales Calls

…allowing you to get on with running your business Tip 1. How to get rid of unsolicited sales calls – in a few seconds! Register for free at the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) by using this link and simply click on register, you can add any business or home phone number, so why not […]


We all need “Protected Time” at work!

Most of us face this type of frustration at some time, due to the constant interruptions we experience at work. So, whether you’re a business owner, director, manager or executive, you need ‘protected time’ for those important tasks that need your undivided attention. Typical time stealers can be a knock on the door, an email […]

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