Graphic to show how to choose the right call answering service

Choosing the right call answering service

There are so many call answering options available that deciding on the appropriate service can be a daunting task. In this blog, we’ll attempt to make your life that little bit easier by discussing each of the services and solutions offered by Verbatim.


Graphic showing how to give business a professional image

Giving your small business a more professional image

The Information Age has flipped the world of small business on its head. If someone wants to find a local plumber or a decent dry cleaner, they no longer ask their neighbours or flick through the Yellow Pages – they simply punch what they are looking for into Google. This instant access to information has forced small business owners to up their game.Appearance is everything. You might be able to walk the walk, but in this new world, you need to be able to talk the talk.Here are a few of our top tips to help give your small business a more professional appearance...


Why Verbatim’s workplace is a world apart from the average call centre.

Forget all the reasons why you shouldn’t use a call answering service

From the endless hold messages to the unmistakeable high-pitched background commotion you're met with once you finally make contact with a real person, the idea of a call centre often fills people with dread.You’ll be glad to know that Verbatim’s workplace is a world apart from the average call centre. We decided that Jackie, a valued member of our contact centre for 17 years, would be the ideal person to tell you why...


Benefits of using Verbatim

More than just call answering: Three hidden benefits of Verbatim

What if you’re looking for something more than just a Call Answering Service? Many people aren’t aware that Verbatim provides a range of additional services. These services are designed to take those mundane tasks off your plate. Here are just three of our ‘hidden’ services.


Is Your Business Leaking Valuable Prospects?

There’s no question that being a small business owner is seriously hard work! Apart from the day-to-day challenge of managing everything, there’s the constant need to drive more customers into your business. Yep, that makes sense. However, most business owners are missing the bleeding obvious. Are you one of them?


When schools face closure due to bad weather – what’s the plan?

With the UK weather being more unpredictable every year, schools are having to make immediate decisions about if and when to close. Often this decision is made out of hours, long before staff have arrived causing a communication issue all round, and for the Head Teacher the knock on effects of last minute closure are manyNotifying the right people, staff, students and parents promptly is vital if the Head wants to avoid situations that cause massive disruption, not just for the school, but for parents who are forced to make last minute childcare arrangements. The key in these situations is to have a robust, tested and approved plan in place that utilises the best and most reliable technology to speed the process up, and eliminate hassle. But whilst most schools will have a plan, it may not be effective, which leaves them unprepared and liable to confusion about what response mechanisms are in place.

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