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Verbatim came to life 20 years ago, when my frustrations as a business owner crossed paths with a long-held passion of mine: customer service.

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Verbatim born

The Beginning

Outstanding customer service, that is. At the time I was making a living publishing a number of local business directories. The majority of my time was spent on the phones, selling advertising space.

Light switch moment

There was one contact, let’s call him Bob, who was always too busy to pick up his phone. It took a near age to get a message over to him.

Until one day that is, when my call got picked up on the first ring. Not by Bob, though, but a very helpful lady who got to the bottom of my enquiry in minutes.

I presumed Bob had employed an extra pair of hands, but as it turned out, he’d actually outsourced all his calls to an external company.

Immediately I knew this was a line of business I had to pursue.

All my life I’d pondered how much better a company could perform if only they provided consistent, excellent customer service.

Here was my chance make a real difference in an area I truly cared about.

Verbatim was born.

Of course, this was back in 1997 when call answering wasn’t the mass market affair it is today.

We had to build our technology from scratch

And we still use bespoke call answering software to this day (though it’s changed a great deal in 20 years).

This is a far cry from the unaccommodating “off the shelf” software used by so many other call answering firms and lets us tailor how we handle calls to our clients’ every need.

To this day, we live and work by the same values the company was built on many years ago:

  • Personal – our close-knit team of thirteen PAs is small enough to really get to know you, your business and each of your regular callers
  • Positive –we’re nothing if not cheerful when answering your calls, but never over the top or overfamiliar
  • Adaptable – our experienced PAs are used to changing tack and using their initiative to get on the same page as your caller, fast
  • Caring – we answer every one of your calls with the same “above and beyond” attitude as we’d answer our own
  • Dependable – you can rely on us whenever you’d need us, even at night
  • Courteous – good manners drive every conversation, to uphold your reputation and ensure the best chance of securing new business opportunities for you

“Take a moment to get to know the whole team and discover who could be answering your calls: ”

Meet Your Team

On a Final – But Incredibly Important Note

A nod towards our extensive work in the community and how we involve
you in our mission to support a range of charitable causes…


Call 01635 576070 today to begin our partnership and make sure a
missed call never again means a missed opportunity for your

Graham Hill | Founder, Verbatim


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