Verbatim Virtual

virtual receptionist

Our one-stop, office hours call answering service

Verbatim Virtual is great for…

Discerning business owners who understand why making a great first impression matters so much.

How it works…

You hand over all your office hours telephone answering to us, and we do the rest. You’ll get your own small team of highly-trained and friendly Verbatim Virtual receptionists who’ll ensure every caller gets the red carpet treatment. We’ll get to know them, and they’ll get to know us, helping build and cement all your business relationships.

We can manage your diary for you, and we can identify your top priority callers to ensure they always get a truly personal service.

Not only that — you also save on all the overheads and HR challenges associated with hiring staff just to answer the phone!

What you’ll gain…

  • Full office hours — no calls go unanswered
  • Full Flexibilty — we’ll work with your peaks and troughs
  • Your own team — we’ll get to know your clients as well as you do!
  • Lower staff costs — save on hiring your own receptionist
  • Enhanced image — every call answered by a professional

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